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week 6 :
updated :

i made two videos this week. technically they are supposed to be for two classes i don’t really care about, so instead i just made things i wanted to make basically. 

the first one is 10 minutes long because i turned it in for the prehistory of contemporary art class and it had to be that long, it should be shorter.

the second one is for my forms of nature class. i need to supplement it with some writing though. i’ll see how that goes.

i made the audio for both, but don’t really care for either. both are boring/cheesy. 

i had two sculptures i made 3d scanned at a bizarrely high resolution so i’ve been enjoying that in the past day or so. 

going to make more sculptures, going to make more videos, going to make more audio.

i also bought furniture for my room. very scary, but probably worthwhile. my roommates are changing at the end of the month and all my furniture will dissapear.

having fun in a mild way is still having fun!