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week 1 :
updated :

i moved into a new apartment in providence on march 17th.

i’ve been using the machine learning program runway ml to make some images due to a temporary lack of materials that is coming to an end.

on the top left are 2 iterations of machine learning portraits of augustina and sedona

difficult to focus on anything. relying on generative processes if relying on anything at all. whats new?

to do list : 
*airbrush paintings
*airbrush t-shirts
*make sound work
*make mix for risdio
*figure out how to write again
*don’t succumb to ordering take-out regularly
*return from mental vacancy

i’m going for total documentation of everything that passes through my hands more or less (excluding sustinence focused depression meals i make for myself)

want to maintain health though. goal of productivity is hopefully based in spiritual need, not in internalized guilt.