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typographer research projects:
poster, specimen book, presentation

This being the culminating project of the semester was greatly rewarding. Zuzana Licko and Emigre are emblematic of early digital design and the philosophies that came with that shifting period. Now, design has long since completed that transition and I, as someone that dislikes computers, found the familiarity I gained with the work of Licko and Emigre to help me gain some closure regarding my relationship to design as it exists currently.

30x40 poster

original composition

gif of presentation on Zuzana Licko
    Throughout this semester I’ve come to terms with what being a designer entails and the reasons why I can’t engage with it at this point in time. Although I greatly respect the work of Licko, becoming familiar with her work has been instrumental in that understanding.
  Studying design for just a semester was more painful than i imagined, but I’m grateful for it now that it’s ending. I’m blissful at the thought of recieving criticism in the painting department regarding my work “looking like graphic design work”.
front and back cover

pages 3, 4

pages 1, 2

pages 5, 6