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grid type, stencil, crystal goblet typesetting

These are ordered sequentially. I didn’t realize until now that the very first assignment I did in this course very directly fed into the final projects I completed. The problem solving of the grid type definitely fueled my excitement from Zuzana Licko’s “LoRes” type family. That being said, I think I did a bad job with all the assignments shown on this page.
    The typesetting assignment (shown last) certainly fell short since I did not do the prerequisite layouts that were supposed to feed into it.
    As for the grid type and the stencil, which were both done on my first day. I don’t know how finalized I made the grid type (the attached image might not be the final work, but i have no other images) and the stencil seems corny to me, like dirt-biking gear.
     Having spent a lot more time with Zuzana Licko’s work and having to generally consider typographic voice throughout all my studios has made me significantly more critical of my choices. However, I’m not dissapointed to say that i don’t see the merit in these pieces, rather it is hugely validating to see that I have grown in a number of ways since I began, even in only mildly.